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Are you an entrepreneur or a company?

Illustration allows you to bring enormous aesthetic value to your brand. Whether to accentuate your sympathy
or assert a luxurious image, the design reinforces the personality of your identity, and helps to reach your target.

Beyond reinforcing a visual identity, my illustrations can also be found on different media such as postcards,
advent calendars, magazines and newspapers, book covers, posters, etc.

Are you an individual ?


Are you looking to make a specific gift, for a wedding or a birth? Do you have a specific idea for an illustration but can't find it online? You can describe it to me, and I will turn your idea into an illustration! 
Feel free to send me a message describing your idea on


Online shopping

Specializing in colored pencil, I produce numerous illustrations in this technique. This traditional art brings warmth and personality to the drawing, and I offer images that are sometimes fun, sometimes soft, in bright colors and where light plays a major role. Ideal for dressing up a living room or as a gift, many people have already trusted me! You can find my illustrations on the Instagram account @leplankeur.

If you would like to acquire one of these pieces, come and chat by private messaging or via my email address

Comic strips

These days, more and more companies and newspapers are using comics to get their message across.

Why do they do this?


Because they're easy and fun to read, and bring a dose of humor, gentleness or even anger!
In short, they illustrate an idea without the need for text alone. With a bachelor's degree in comics and publishing, I can put your ideas into images, and translate your narrative so that the right words and emotions reach your target audience.

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