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Social media design & Management

What is it about ?

In around ten years, social networks have become an essential channel for those who want to stand out. Thanks to this direct relationship with your target audience, it has never been easier to engage and unite your community! And it is thanks to an emotionally involved audience that you will be able to create a loyal and enthusiastic customer base.

What I offer you

Social Media Strategy

​Based on your company's positioning and objectives, I will define which social networks will be the most relevant, and what type of content to produce, when, and how.


Content Creation

​I give you a list of ideas for various posts that will correspond to the platform. (For example if you sell wool hats, you can offer tutorials, show your workshop, etc.).

Creation of an aesthetic feed

​The feed, or social media news feed, is the very first image that will stick in your visitor's head. And since the first impression is often the one that lasts, it is essential to take care of your feed.

Creation of post templates​

To help you get your page off the ground, I'll develop layouts for you using your brand's graphic elements, which you can reuse yourself when you take over your account. 

Your first 6 posts

In addition to the templates, I offer the creation and uploading of your first 6 posts, as well as the construction of the basic elements of your account: Banner, profile photo, description.

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