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What is it about ?

Today, whether you are a company of several thousand people or a freelancer just starting out, your presence on the Internet is essential. Even if social networks are becoming increasingly important, the website remains the reference base towards which all your communication leads. It is therefore important to be able to display a clear and effective site, which describes your business as accurately as possible by displaying your graphic codes.

To do this, several steps are necessary, and I offer to support you in building your website.

What I offer you

Two types of website

  • Showcase site: You want to highlight your company, your portfolio, your various activities as a freelancer... Several options are available to create a professional, striking site. 

  • Online store: Would you like to sell your products online? Nothing could be easier! In addition to translating your graphic codes onto a website, you'll be able to offer your customers an aesthetic and identifiable space that will boost your sales in no time at all!



Technical aspects

  • Acquisition of web host and domain name;

  • Template specifications to fill in;

  • Maintenance* Within a time limit.



  • Construction of your website structure;

  • Storyboard for each page and customer feedback.



  • Construction of the site's design to make it readable and accessible,
    while preserving the brand's graphic codes.



  • Page builder (Wix, Squarespace...): placement of elements on the site;

  • Wordpress: integration of customized code via an external provider.



  • This involves optimising your web page for search engines, for example by managing
    keywords to help with referencing. So I can help you put in place techniques to generate traffic to your site.



  • I create a short user guide for your website.


Website and visual identity

When creating your website, you may also want to develop your logo and graphic identity at the same time. No problem! With my expertise as a brand designer, I can create your own logo and visual identity. Check out the branding section of my website for more information!

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