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Marketing and
Communication Design

What is it about ?

To ensure good communication, companies develop marketing strategies to influence

the decisions of their audience. Through engaging visual content, I help you highlight

your project via numerous communication media!

What I offer you

Open Office Presentations

  • Presentations & Power Point Templates

  • Word templates and template creation


Communication media

  • Creation and edition of posters for events

  • Infographics (print and web)

  • Creation and edition of leaflets & flyers (Print & web)

  • Creation and edition of postcards

  • Business cards

  • Restaurant menus

  • Rollups

  • Etc..



  • Creating Newsletters with Mailchimp

  • Newsletter management

  • Newsletter templates offered


Photo editing

So that your photos are the most advantageous for your brand, I use Photoshop to highlight your products!

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