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I'm Anne-Céline, creative designer and artist-author;

With a solid background in graphic design and comics,
I combine my two areas of expertise to get off the beaten track and give you that touch of personality that will make your project stand out!


With a wealth of experience as a salaried graphic designer in an agency, I'm learning every day to increase my knowledge of the creative world. 

My aim is to help you realise a project that will make you proud, and that will help you take your ideas further. 

A dual role:

In order to achieve my goal, my activity is divided into two main branches: design, which will be aimed more at companies, and art, which is aimed more at publishing houses, the press or private individuals.


My ambition is to help improve people's quality of life. I also help companies whose values I share to manage their image and stand out in the marketplace, in order to achieve their objectives.


As part of my personal goal, I want to convey strong emotions, entertain, and tell the story of what surrounds us.  I do this through two main media: illustration and comics.

In order to provide you with the best humanly and professionally, it is important for me to respect certain values:

My Method


After an initial exchange by email or messenger, we meet to understand your expectations and define the objectives of this collaboration. This meeting can take place in person or via a Zoom meeting. If our visions align and the project gets off the ground, we arrange a second meeting.
At this meeting, we will draw up a detailed work schedule to ensure that the collaboration runs smoothly.


Now it's a matter of translating your ideas into images. You'll need to go back and forth several times to get the contours of your vision just right, and to convey it as clearly as possible.


Once my graphic proposals have been approved, I set about bringing them to life by combining relevance, concept and aesthetic quality.


Once the final touches have been made,
I prepare the files and send them to you in the format you require. Depending on your needs,
I can also print your documents if required.

Let's talk !

Do you have an idea for a project that you'd like to put into practice? Do you like my style and has it inspired you? Because ideas come to life when we talk to each other, an initial discussion will enable us to establish what I can do for you!

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